Available since
Time complexity
O(1) for each subcommand specified
ACL categories
@read, @bitmap, @fast

Read-only variant of the BITFIELD command. It is like the original BITFIELD but only accepts !GET subcommand and can safely be used in read-only replicas.

Since the original BITFIELD has !SET and !INCRBY options it is technically flagged as a writing command in the Redict command table. For this reason read-only replicas in a Redict Cluster will redirect it to the master instance even if the connection is in read-only mode (see the READONLY command of Redict Cluster).

Since Redict 6.2, the BITFIELD_RO variant was introduced in order to allow BITFIELD behavior in read-only replicas without breaking compatibility on command flags.

See original BITFIELD for more details.

Examples #

BITFIELD_RO hello GET i8 16

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