Redict 7.3.0 is now available

April 3, 2024

The Redict community is pleased to announce the release of Redict 7.3.0, the first stable version of our copyleft fork of Redis® OSS You can download the release on Codeberg, or download one of our official container images from We have written comprehensive documentation detailing our compatibility with Redis® OSS 7.2.4, which also provides detailed documentation for various migration scenarios, such as for users of the official Redis® containers on Docker Hub, downstream package maintainers, and so on. ...

Redict release candidate 7.3.0-rc1 is now available: call for testing

March 26, 2024

The initial release candidate for Redict’s first general release, 7.3.0-rc1, is now available for download and testing. You can find the release on Codeberg: Redict 7.3.0-rc1 Release notes Download .tar.gz Browse source code Update: 7.3.0-rc2 is now available, with two minor changes from rc1: Redict 7.3.0-rc2 Release notes Download .tar.gz Browse source code First time here? Redict is an independent fork of Redis®* OSS 7.2.4 licensed under the Lesser GNU General Public license (LGPL-3. ...

Redict is an independent, copyleft fork of Redis®

March 22, 2024

Like many of you, I was disappointed when I learned that Redis®1 was changing to a non-free licensing model. This is a betrayal of the free software community, but perhaps not an entirely surprising one. Forks are likely to start appearing in the coming days, and today, I would like to offer Redict to you as a possible future home for your needs, and present its trade-offs as compared to the other forks you’re likely to be choosing from soon. ...

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