Migrating to hiredict

Compatibility with Hiredis #

Hiredict includes shim headers, that define the old symbols as the new ones, and also a shim pkg-config file adjusted to include shims and link with hiredict.

Build systems utilizing pkg-config need just rebuild to link against hiredict, the shim will make sure the right symbols are used.

Build systems that manually look for hiredis, may need to change the library name, as we don’t provide libhiredis, so calls to find_library need to be adjusted to look for hiredict instead.

Migrating the code to Hiredict directly #

A few modifications were done, most regarding symbol names. Migrating to hiredict should be simple.

First rename all symbols (struct names, function calls, macros), from redis to redict. Then adjust headers, hiredict no longers adds it’s headers directly into your compiler’s include path, so any include of public headers need the folder name, e.g. #include "read.h" becomes #include <hiredict/read.h>.

Lastly, adjust your build system to use hiredict’s pkg-config file.

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