Compatibility with Redis®

Compatibility with Redis® #

Redict is broadly compatible with Redis®1 OSS 7.2.4 and earlier, and functions as a drop-in replacement. Redict is not compatible with any changes from Redis® SAL 7.3.0 and later.

Feature Compatible with Redis® <=7.2.4
Wire protocol Yes
Client libraries Yes
Redis® Modules* Yes
Lua API Yes

* Redis® Modules targeting Redis® 7.2.4 and earlier are ABI (binary) compatible with Redict, and source compatible via a compatibility shim.

Switching from Redis® to Redict #

Switching from Redis® to Redict is generally a simple process of uninstalling Redis® and installing Redict in its place. Redict is compatible with your Redis® configuration file and original database, and will run on the same port, with the same security settings, and so on.

Note: If you use a service manager like systemd, you may need to stop and disable the “redis” service and start and enable the “redict” service. Scripts which rely on “redis-cli” will need to be updated to use “redict-cli” instead. You may also need to move your config file from
/etc/redis.conf to /etc/redict.conf.
Warning: Switching from Redict back to Redis® is not supported. You are advised to take a backup of your Redis® database and configuration before making the switch.

Other migration scenarios #

More complex migration scenarios and compatibility matricies are described in subpages:

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