Migrating containers

Migrating to Redict containers #

For complete details on installing and using Redict containers, see Usage with containers.

Redict differs from Redis® container in that the “latest” image and images based on it (e.g. “7.3.0”) refer to images based on “scratch” rather than Debian. Debian- and Alpine-based containers are available and broadly compatible with Redis® containers, but you may wish to consider the opportunity to migrate to a scratch container if you do not depend on any Debian- or Alpine-specific features being available.

We also offer a compatibility image that is based on Debian Bookworm. The difference between the two is that the compatibility image includes symlinks to the Redis® binary names. That is, you can run Redis® commands such as redis-server and redis-cli in a Redict container. This is a stop-gap measure offered as a convenience for those who wish to use the image, for example, in a Helm chart that presupposes that the binaries are named in a certain way. We do recommend that you use the Redict containers if possible and take the opportunity to migrate any Helm charts or other infrastructure to the appropriate Redict containers.

Compatibility notes #

The following notable differences exist between Redis® and Redict containers:

  • Redict containers never run as root. We use USER directives rather than gosu.
  • Redict containers include software bill of materials (SBOM) in the SPDX text format at
    /usr/local/redict.spdx.txt. It is generated from the Redict source code using REUSE. It is more comprehensive than the JSON SBOM included in the Redis® images.

Compatibility table #

The following table lists the Redict containers most closely compatible with the indicated Redis® container image.

Redis® image Recommended Redict image
redis:latest registry.redict.io/redict:debian
redis:7 registry.redict.io/redict:7-debian
redis:7.2 registry.redict.io/redict:7.3-debian
redis:7.2.4 registry.redict.io/redict:7.3.0-debian
redis:bookworm registry.redict.io/redict:bookworm
redis:7-bookworm registry.redict.io/redict:7-bookworm
redis:7.2-bookworm registry.redict.io/redict:7.3-bookworm
redis:7.2.4-bookworm registry.redict.io/redict:7.3.0-bookworm
redis:alpine registry.redict.io/redict:alpine
redis:7-alpine registry.redict.io/redict:7-alpine
redis:7.2-alpine registry.redict.io/redict:7.3-alpine
redis:7.2.4-alpine registry.redict.io/redict:7.3.0-alpine
redis:alpine3.19 registry.redict.io/redict:alpine3.19
redis:7-alpine3.19 registry.redict.io/redict:7-alpine3.19
redis:7.2-alpine3.19 registry.redict.io/redict:7.3-alpine3.19
redis:7.2.4-alpine3.19 registry.redict.io/redict:7.3.0-alpine3.19

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