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@slow, @scripting

Return information about the function that’s currently running and information about the available execution engines.

The reply is map with two keys:

  1. running_script: information about the running script. If there’s no in-flight function, the server replies with a nil. Otherwise, this is a map with the following keys:
  • name: the name of the function.
  • command: the command and arguments used for invoking the function.
  • duration_ms: the function’s runtime duration in milliseconds.
  1. engines: this is a map of maps. Each entry in the map represent a single engine. Engine map contains statistics about the engine like number of functions and number of libraries.

You can use this command to inspect the invocation of a long-running function and decide whether kill it with the FUNCTION KILL command.

For more information please refer to Introduction to Redict Functions.

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